1. Basics

Beta Baseball uses the Out of the Park Baseball 13 program as its simulation engine. It has a fictional player pool, with a rating system using the ‘Talent Only’ setting, which means that actual hitting and pitching ratings are hidden. The scale used for talent ratings is 1-10.

There are two leagues, the Axelite League and the Bordurian League. Neither league uses a designated hitter.

One team from each league advances to the playoffs, where they play a best-of-9 playoff series to determine the league champion.

The league simulated three years prior to its initial draft in 2005, and those statistical records are still available for players who were in the league at that time. There aren't any left, but hey, the data's there.

Owners must submit lineups before 10AM Eastern on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the days of the sims, using the OOTP export function.

The commissioner will run two sims per game month, meaning every sim will be 15 or 16 days in length.

Minor League free agency is in effect.

The league settings are the following:
Relievers: very often
Closers: often
Endurance: normal
Rotation size: 4 man
PH for pitchers: very often
PH for players: normal
Defensive subs: normal
SB: normal
Hit and run: normal
Bunting: normal

2. Franchises and Members

Teams still cannot move nor build or edit a stadium. That will probably change one day.

Naturally, nobody can own more than one team.

The order of selection for drafts is determined by the previous year's regular season record, reversed. Whwover finishes last in one year will select first in the following year.

3. Finances

Beta Baseball has no salary cap.

There is a 20 million dollar cash cap.

4. Transactions

Trades must be confirmed on the message board, by both teams. The trade deadline is August 1. No trades of any kind are allowed after that, no waivers nonsense is allowed.

Free agency is processed in-game, in 4-day (in-game) daily (real-life) increments. Once most significant free agents have signed, we move to 7-day increments.

Option years and incentive bonuses are allowed, but not no-trade clauses.

Draft picks are available for trade, but only for the upcoming draft.